Airnet MIPS Safety/Ion



In the helmet world, there's an unwritten rule that many designs seem to follow: aerodynamics, weight, aesthetics, and ventilation—pick two, there's your helmet. In our typical fashion, however, we don’t follow these norms—we innovate. And it’s precisely this mentality that led us to the Airnet with MIPS—patented protection against "rotational violence" caused by angled impacts. Loosely based upon the leather “hairnets” that cyclists used to wear before protection was a priority, we took their ventilation and classic style and incorporated them into a modern helmet design that combines all of the above features.

Although we had the hairnet shape in mind during the design phase, we started by looking at the category leader in aerodynamic road helmets, our S-Works Evade, to see if we could make a classic style that wasn't only aesthetically pleasing, but also helped in the aero department. What we came up with is our third fastest helmet, behind the TT and Evade, that's lightweight, well ventilated, and looking good no matter your riding style.

The Airnet with MIPS also features our ultra-light Mindset HairPort micro-dial fit system making the perfect fit easily achievable, our drirelease® Merino wool pads provide you with increased comfort, odor control, and sweat management. You'll also find that it's equipped with the burgeoning MIPS technology (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System). Clean and simple, the Airnet helmet with MIPS is the ideal blend of functionality and performance for riders seeking both adventure and style.



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  • Het ultralichte Mindset II micro-dail passysteem is in hoogte instelbaar en zorgt voor een perfecte pasvorm.
  • 4th Dimension ventilatiesysteem met grote openingen, interne Cross-Channels en strategisch geplaatste uitlaten om de verkoelende luchtstroom te maximaliseren.
  • De composiet matrix interne verstevigingen maken grotere openingen mogelijk voor betere koeling.
  • Geïntegreerde “Vent grippers” aan de voor- en achterzijde om je bril op je helm te bewaren.
  • drirelease® Merino wool pads voor meer comfort en snelle afvoer van transpiratievocht.
  • Dunne, zachte en lichte 4X DryLite bandjes rekken niet uit en nemen geen zweet of water op.
  • Tri-Fix systeem voor verbeterd comfort en makkelijk aanpassen van de lengte van de bandjes.
  • Door de bandjes maximaal in de helm te verwerken zijn de bandjes korter en is er minder contact tussen de huid en de bandjes, met meer comfort als resultaat.
  • Reflecterende details om je zichtbaarheid te verbeteren.
  • Voorzien van MIPS.